Montreal Startups Exchange!
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Par la communauté, pour la communauté!

We believe we have a uniquely crafted and supportive Montreal startup community.
Let’s walk the talk and help startups help startups.
With bytes, bites, or beanies.


Many Montreal startups provide useful goods and services, like boxes full of yummy food, clothes, or well crafted “1” & “0”s. Our aim is to make them accessible for starving startups as well, by establishing a collaborative community program.

Help out?

Wanna lend a hand and help out our startup community? Offer an exclusive deal to a starving Montreal startup, and build-up your Karma!
Feel-Good, Do Good: It helps them, brings you traffic & early adopters, and creates a nice startup support network that we can pride ourselves on!

Need a hand?

Wondering if you’re a starving startup? Well, if you stack up boxes of Kraft diner or live on poutine all day, you qualify!

ps: Love Broccoli? No problem! If your startup is less than 2 years old and/or has raised less than $500K, you qualify!

Established Startups

We want to thank the startups leading this initiative!
If you, too, want to be a founding startup, contact us at

Starving Startups

Wanna take advantage of the generous offers?
Is there a service, offered by a Montreal startup, that you would love to have but can’t afford? Contact us at

Scott Summers Director of Design, OnToText Ind.
**Alors que j’avais pris un abonnement à Costco juste pour profiter du Kraft Dinner Family Pack, que j’offrais (un peu brûlé j’avoue) à mon équipe; aujourd’hui avec l’offre de Cook-it, je peux me pratiquer à essayer de nourrir mon équipe de manière gastronomique! Ils peuvent coder en paix, et l’odeur est comme meilleure dans le bureau!
Hank McCoy Eater of Salad, Antartica Int.
While we all felt that Travis was a great asset to our team — and really worked hard to understand our products from the point of view of the customer — we also all agree he should shower more often.